Electricity and Renewable Energy


To oversee creation of an enabling environment for provision of secure, reliable, affordable, safe, efficient, cost-effective and environment friendly modern energy services to all.


(i)       To develop policies, plans and programs related to electricity, renewable energy and efficient use of energy to ensure efficient, cost effective, reliable and quality services in an environmentally friendly manner;

(ii)      To promote efficiency and sustainable use of energy resources;

(iii)     To identify the country’s energy potential and create enabling environment to attract investment in the development, provision and utilization of energy resources;

(iv)     To create enabling environment to attract private sector participation and enhance efficiency in electricity supply;

(v)      To create conducive environment for importation and exportation of electricity;

(vi)     To conduct inquiries to accidents or disasters and provide recommendations; and

(vii)    To plan, promote, coordinate and monitor rural modern energy access programs for stimulation of economic growth and development in the rural areas.

This Division is will be led by a Commissioner and will have three (3) Sections as follows: –

(i)       Electricity Section;

(ii)      Renewable Energy Section; and

(iii)     Energy Development Section.

Electricity Section

This Section will perform the following activities: –

(i)       Monitor the performance of the Electricity sub-sector and institutions involved in power generation, transmission and distribution;

(ii)      Monitor and coordinate development and utilization of electricity resources;

(iii)     Develop and implement programs to develop Electricity sub-sector in the country;

(iv)     Formulate and oversee the systematic restructuring of the electricity sub-sector;

(v)      Carry out research on electricity supply and advise accordingly;

(vi)     Assess and analyse the impacts from accidents or disasters caused by electricity supply activities in collaboration with relevant authorities; and

(vii)    Coordinate electricity trading in the Region and executing Regional interconnection transmission projects as well as generation projects.

This Section is will be led by an Assistant Commissioner.

Renewable Energy Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

(i)       Advise on appropriate policies and guidelines necessary for efficient energy utilization and development of renewable energy resources;

(ii)      Promote and coordinate renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives and activities at National, Regional and International levels;

(iii)     Facilitate development and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies and plans;

(iv)     Facilitate development of new sources of electricity generation such as mini hydro, biomass, and solar photovoltaic for off-grid networks;

(v)      Undertake renewable energy resources assessment and prepare and update renewable energy resources atlases;

(vi)     Facilitate development, promote and monitor standards and codes of practices for efficient use of energy in all sectors of economy;

(vii)    Develop       and    administer  energy         consumption        monitoring, verification and reporting mechanisms/framework and procedures;

(viii)   Facilitate     industries’   competitiveness    by      promoting   energy efficiency in industries to reduce production and operation cost;

(ix)     Conduct research on renewable energy and energy efficiency and advise accordingly; and

(x)      Promote sustainable biomass production and utilization.

This Section is will be led by an Assistant Commissioner.

Energy Development Section

This Section will perform the following activities:-

(i)       Prepare and review Electricity and Renewable Energy sub­ sector policies, legislation, regulations, guidelines, technical standards and specifications relating to the  regulatory framework;

(ii)      Carryout strategic planning to enhance performance of the Electricity and Renewable Energy sub-sectors;

(iii)     Coordinate the preparations of Power System Master Plan for Electricity sub-sector including demand projections, supply options, with required investment and financing modalities;

(iv)     Co-ordinate the review of the existing institutional arrangements for the Electricity sub-sector to strengthen co-ordination mechanism in preparing and      implementing       national          energy policy relating to electricity;

(v)      Identify weakness and recommend necessary measures to enhance electricity energy supply availability, reliability and affordability for improving performance of the Electricity sub­ sector;

(vi)     Carry out research on electricity energy resources including nuclear related power generation and provide a basis for making informed decisions on the future direction of Electricity and Renewable Energy sub-sectors;

(vii)    Promote and facilitate the participation of the private entities in the electricity sector through PPP and update regulatory framework to promote fast-track investment in the Electricity and Renewable Energy projects;

(viii)   Prepare and update an Electricity energy information database and publish the Electricity and Renewable Energy bulleting and statistics; and.

(ix)     Collect, study, analyze statistics needed in the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and budgetary proposals.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Commissioner.

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