Environmental Management


To ensure that the exploration, exploitation and development of energy are environmentally friendly.

This Unit will perform the following activities:-

(i)       Monitor compliance with Environmental Management Plans (EMP) of operators in the Ministry;

(ii)      Instigate environmental audits to evaluate the performance of existing operators in the energy sector and identify areas for improvement;

(iii)     Advise on policy and legal reviews on environmental management in the energy sector in collaboration with Vice President’s Office (Division of Environment);

(iv)     Install, manage, maintain and ensure proper function of the environmental management database;

(v)      Monitor environmental protection compliance in exploration projects for oil and gas;

(vi)     Monitor environmental protection compliance in petroleum and gas storage and transportation;

(vii)    Oversee the implementation of strategies to minimize adverse social-economic impacts due to oil and gas exploration and exploitation activities; and

(viii)   Undertake strategic environmental assessment of the energy sector on sectoral legislation, regulations, policies, plans, strategies and programs.

This Unit will be led by a Principal Officer in a relevant field.

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