Finance and Accounts


To provide financial management and book-keeping services for the Ministry.

This Unit will perform the following activities: –


(i)       Prepare payment for salaries including statutory deductions;

(ii)      Prepare pension papers; and

(iii)     Maintain salaries records.

Cash Office

(i)       Submit voucher list to the Treasury;

(ii)      Collect all cheques from Treasury;

(iii)     Bank cash and cheques;

(iv)     Prepare monthly flash report;

(v)      Pay cash/cheques to employees/customers (service Provider);

(vi)     Batch paid vouchers;

(vii)    Maintain cash book;

(viii)   Record/ reconcile all imprest issued; and

(ix)     Prepare and effect all payments.


(i)       Collect all revenues;

(ii)      Manage the revenue according to regulations and guidelines;

(iii)     Collect annual rent, application fees for mineral rights, royalties and other impositions; and

(iv)     Bank reconciliation.


(i)       Prepare pension papers; and

(ii)      Maintain pension records.


(i)       Monitor allocations and expenditure; and

(ii)      Prepare Final Accounts and other Financial Statements.

Pre – Audit/Examination:

(i)       Scrutinize   documentation     to       support       vouchers,    including authorization according to regulations;

(ii)      Carry out pre-audits to ensure adherence to the relevant acts, regulations, circulars etc; and

(iii)     Reply all Audit queries raised during the previous financial year.

This Unit will be led by a Chief Accountant.

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