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The United Republic of Tanzania

Ministry of Energy



The objective of the Electricity and Renewable Energy Division is to oversee creation of an enabling environment for provision of secure, reliable, affordable, safe, efficient, cost - effective and environment friendly modern energy services to all.

The main Functions are:

(i)To develop policies, plans and programs related to electricity, renewable energy and efficient use of energy to ensure efficient, cost effective, reliable and quality services in an environmentally friendly manner;

(ii)To promote efficiency and sustainable use of energy resources;

(iii)To identify the country's energy potential and create enabling environment to attract investment in the development, provision and utilization of energy resources;

(iv)To create enabling environment to attract private sector participation and enhance efficiency in electricity supply;

(v)To create conducive environment for importation and exportation of electricity;

(vi)To conduct inquiries to accidents or disasters and provide recommendations; and

(vii)To plan, promote, coordinate and monitor rural modern energy access programs for stimulation of economic growth and development in the rural areas.