The objective of the Petroleum and Gas Division is to oversee sustainable exploitation and development of the petroleum and natural gas resources in the country.

The main Functions are:

(i)To develop policies, plans and programs related to petroleum and natural gas resources to ensure efficient, cost effective, reliable and quality services in an environmentally friendly manner;

(ii)To promote sustainable development and exploitation of the petroleum resources;

(iii)To assess and analyse the impacts from accidents or disasters caused by petroleum activities in collaboration with relevant authorities;

(iv)To attract foreign investment and technology in the petroleum industry;

(v)To promote local participation in the petroleum industry;

(vi)To coordinate the development of petroleum and natural gas infrastructure for security of supply;

(vii)To oversee granting, renewing, suspending and cancelling of petroleum exploration and development licenses; and

(viii)To conduct research and studies on petroleum resources and promote efficiency and sustainable use of petroleum resource.